Magic found in every day life.

Tell your story. Get more people interested in what you do!

Kill the Ball Media is a digital media company located in Worcester, Massachusetts.
We use photography, video and design to create and deliver fresh digital content for companies, personalities and organizations. Our mission is to have fun creating dynamic digital media for you to use to promote your incredible business, event or project.

Our team focuses on the creative nature of projects especially their “sharability”.
People have told us that the results of our work reveal the truth and beauty behind the people and events we cover.

We look at it as a journalistic approach to presenting content about you. Together, we will collaborate and deliver incredibly compelling stories to your clients! Kill the Ball Media also provides these same services to help showcases local talent, non-profits and charitable causes.

So..yes we are “in advertising.” But we believe in advertising through the use of compelling stories of everyday people doing incredible work to make their businesses and organizations move FORWARD!

Every day people KILLING THE BALL with every swing!

We can’t wait to talk to you about your project!

Kill the Ball Media

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